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There are two basic kinds of lighters: the electric lighters that use lighter fluid to light and the butane lighters. Although there are many other varieties on the market, most people stick with the electrical lighters because they are safer. Electric lighters have many advantages over butane fueled ones. Most of the advantages they have over butane are not significant enough to outweigh the safety benefit.

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Lighter, Electric Arc Lighter USB Rechargeable Lighter Windproof Flameless Lighter Plasma Lighter with Battery Indicator (Upgraded) for Fire, Cigarette, Candle - Outdoors Indoors (Bright-Black)
3,702 Reviews
Lighter, Electric Arc Lighter USB Rechargeable Lighter Windproof Flameless Lighter Plasma Lighter with Battery Indicator (Upgraded) for Fire, Cigarette, Candle - Outdoors Indoors (Bright-Black)
  • Unique & Elegant: Original, classic, portable, the rechargeable lighter offers a sleek design and compact size of 3.15” x 0.98” x 0.51”
  • Powerful & Reliable: Windproof double arcs - plasma beam - generated by electricity, this unique heat source offering quick, easy lights even in the windiest conditions; 7 seconds auto-shut-off ensures a safety use that prevents high temperature damage
  • Better Battery: Built-in 260 mAh rechargeable battery, with 4 LEDs of battery's indicator; 1.5 hours recharge time and lasts over 500 charges. 5v 1A micro USB port, recharging from your computer, power bank, USB Charger
  • Upward Electrodes Design: The ignition head of 4 upward-probes is engineered to perfectly provides more convenient uses for cigarettes and candles, or in other flat surfaces
  • What You Get: 1 x Sipoe Arc Lighter, 1 x small Brush, 1 x USB cable. 100% quality inspected. We offer 12-month product warranty. Register it now to extend warranty
Green Vivid Waterproof Flameless Electric Lighter-Dual Arc Plasma Beam Lighter/USB rechargeable/Windproof/No Butane/Para-tinder Lanyard & Emergency Whistle/Ideal Lighter for Indoor and Outdoor(Orange)
  • Waterproof and windproof:Both lighter cover and locking clasp with metal ring sealed design,to achieve perfect waterproof function.Also,it’s flameless,works well even in windy or rainy days.erfect lighter for camping,hiking,travelling etc any outdoor activities. Easy to use for gas stove, BBQ, camping trip fire starter accessory, an emergency fire starter tool etc.
  • USB rechargeable:Simply connect the Green Vivid waterproof lighter to any powered USB port,then USB cable allow the ligher be charged anywhere.After 2hrs charging,the ligher could last up to a week or 100-300 usage.And,dual arc technology design,makes superior firepower to ignite.
  • Eco-Friendly and safe to use:Use plasma tech to eliminate Butane which is harmful chemical for human body.With multiple protection,such as short circuit protection, connection protection, low voltage protection, high voltage protection and overcharge protection,makes Green Vivid windproof lighter safe and durable to use.
  • Including:Para-tinder lanyard,combustion-supporting,for making fire quickly&Emergency whistle,perfect tool for camping, field survival, or a backyard cookout.
  • After-sale service:We guarantee 100% refund within 3 months of purchasing with any reason.Also,promise 100% refund or new replacement within 12 months of purchasing if there is quality issue.
Candle Lighter Mailatime Electric Rechargeable USB Lighter with Light Source Long Plasma Lighter USB Battery Display Safety Switch Arc Grill Lighter for Candle Cooking BBQs Fireworks Camping
  • 【Treble Safety Design】: Adopt the updated version of bonnet, which gives you treble protection, Just push forward the Button and click the Switch icon to arc Heating. For the safety of consumer, the igniting spark will auto stop beyond 7 seconds per igniting. Restart the switch, the igniting spark will be re-ignited.
  • 【Double Functions】: It can not only be a candle lighter to ignite the candle or others, but also can be used as a light to illuminate in a dark environment . To bring you more warm and no more afraid of being alone in home or outside now.
  • 【USB Rechargable Lighter& Larger Capacity Battery】The lighter is fully charged when 5 LED lights on the barrel turn on. And one full charge can provide over 500 uses.
  • 【Windproof & Widely Use】:The electric arc lighters adapt flameless plasma technology to prevent electrical pulses from being blown out by strong winds. The lightweight design makes the lighter easy to carry, which is the first choice for home & travel, perfect use on romantic candle, BBQ, camping, firework and festival.
  • 【PORTABLE & CONVENIENT】: The lightweight design makes the lighter easy to carry and ideal for camping, BBQ ,hiking ,indoor and outdoor activitiess.Please feel inform us, if you have any problem, professional team always stand by.
Arc Lighter USB Rechargeable Electric Lighters Windproof Flameless Lighter Arc Plasma Lighter with LED Battery Indicator for Hiking, Camping - Outdoors Indoors - Black
  • ✔【Efficient and Easy Ignition】: JOBON Dual arc plasma lighters consist of four facing electrodes instead of two. It creates a far stronger light, thus generating more heat as well . So this lighter can light up objects with a larger surface area, and in a shorter period of time. Your best choice for lighting candles, go camping, travelling, survival tactical or hiking. Dual-Arc feature with an intelligent chip sensory chip ignition button can light any surface and any wherever you want.
  • ✔【Rechargeable and Long lasting battery life】: This electric lighter uses a powerful lithium ion battery instead of fuel to create its plasma beams and make fire. This reusable and non-disposable lighters can be charged and recharged over and over with a USB cable, and the batteries last for up to 400 charges. LED battery display show how full the battery is and when need to charger it. Besides the electric lighters being convenient and super cool looking, they are also much more eco-friendly.
  • ✔【Windproof and Ultra portable】: This USB electronic arc lighter incredibly compact and has a sleek design that can easily slide into your pocket, purse, glove box, or wherever you need to store it or take it. it may even be lightweight and smaller than you expect. And also, this windproof lighter is designed for outdoor use so whether you are camping, hiking, lighting a fire at the beach or anywhere else, it should feature a reliable ignition to get things going.
  • ✔【Construction and Durability】: This lighter is entirely made of high-quality durable metal construction. Strong zinc alloy make it easy and safe to use, works well and feels very durable. By replacing your disposable lighter for a non-disposable and rechargeable electric lighter prevent plastic waste, you can reuse this lighter over and over again.
  • ✔【Safety and Flame-less】: JOBON plasma lighter has multiple protection functions such as over-charge, over-discharge and overload. The maximum discharge time is 6s each time, and the power is automatically cut off after more than 6s. The electric candle lighter also backed by JOBON's limited lifetime warranty, so if anything should go wrong with it under normal use, please contact with us directly.
MEIRUBY Lighter Electric Lighter Candle Lighter Rechargeable USB Lighter Arc Lighters for Candle Camping Family Use Light Blue
  • Upgrade Electric Lighter: The Windproof and Splashproof Design of the electric arc lighter ensures that you can easily use it under any weather conditions.
  • Economical & Environmental Candle Lighter: One electric lighter, which is more economical and environmental,is equal to 300 traditional lighter.
  • Rechargeable USB Lighter: The Lighters can be used 600 times on a single charge which display real time battery volume.
  • Portable Lighter: The Slender design make it easier to light candles elegantly. It is suitable for daily use.
  • What you get: A Electric Lighter ,a USB charging Cable and a Manual.
SKRFIRE Windproof Lighter Outdoor, Dual Arc Electric Lighter PVD-Plating Wearproof Lighter Rechargeable USB Lighter Flameless Plasma Lighter with Rhythmic Flashing Battery Indicator (Black)
  • 🛠️Strong Windproof Plasma Arc🔥: This electric lighter uses electrodes to ionize air to form arcs to ignite. Therefore, it has a strong windproof effect and can quickly ignite under severe conditions such as strong wind and heavy rain.
  • 🛠️PVD & Rhythmic Flashing Indicator🔥: This windproof lighter uses PVD plating technology. Its surface is as smooth as a mirror and is very wear-proof and fadeless.The rhythmic flashing indicator will keep flashing when ignite and it looks pretty cool.
  • 🛠️Safe & Smart Power Control🔥: This electric lighter has a smart power control chip. It can protect the lighter from overcharging and overdischarging. The indicator can help you know the battery status so that you can charge in time.
  • 🛠️Rechargeable & Long Battery Life🔥: This USB lighter is powered by high-quality lithium-ion battery. It can be recharged 600-700 times. It can light 60-80 cigarettes after each full charge.
  • 🛠️Stylish & Unique Gift🔥: This lighter looks very noble and elegant. It is a perfect gift for family, friends, relatives, partners and you. (Note: During the ignition, there will be the noise of “ zee, zee” which is high-voltage power generation. Please don't worry about that)
RONXS Electric Lighter, Candle Lighter with Safety Lock Windproof Flamless Arc Rechargeable Long Lighter with Battery Indicator (Black&Champagne 2pcs)
368 Reviews
RONXS Electric Lighter, Candle Lighter with Safety Lock Windproof Flamless Arc Rechargeable Long Lighter with Battery Indicator (Black&Champagne 2pcs)
  • 【Reliable & Certified Safety Protection】2 pack RONXS lighters enjoy an ON/OFF safety and leading multi-protection chip which ensures complete safety for your home and your lighters. And it will auto turns off after you keep pressing the light-up button in 7s.
  • 【Larger Capacity Battery, 4 Charge Indicator Lights】This is the upgraded RONXS arc lighter and can provide over 500 uses after a full charge. Electric lighters can display real-time battery volume. When 4 LED lights turn on, it is fully charged.
  • 【Wind & Splash Proof, No Burnt Finger】The strong electric pulse won't be blown out by strong wind or go out by rain. RONXS candle lighter is no flame, no butane, no hassle. Compared with other lighters it makes less noise to 30db.
  • 【Portable & Hanging Lighters】The 2 pack set is the first choice for home & travel, perfect use on the candles, BBQ, camping, grill, stove, firework, birthday, anniversary, and Christmas. 2 colors(Dark Black & Elegant Champagne) can meet different style needs for your families.
  • 【What You Get】2*RONXS candle lighters, 2*USB charging cables, 1*gift box, 1*user manual, 1*cleaning brush. 24-hour reply and 2 years of aftersale warranty all aim to provide better products and service for you.
Candle Lighter 2 Pack USB Rechargeable Windproof Flameless Arc Lighter with LED Battery Display for Candle, Fireworks, BBQ, Gas Stove (2 Pack Black)
75 Reviews
Candle Lighter 2 Pack USB Rechargeable Windproof Flameless Arc Lighter with LED Battery Display for Candle, Fireworks, BBQ, Gas Stove (2 Pack Black)
  • ⭐Battery Notification ▶Five battery indicators can display real time battery volume,remind you to charge it in time. When charging,the indicators will flash in sequence,when 5 indicators all turn on, the electric lighter is full charged.
  • ⭐Safety Protection ▶ [Child Safety Lock]: You need to slide out the safety lock first, then press the button to generate sparks. After sliding out the safety lock, if the lighter is not used in 10s, the lighter will automatically power off. [7s Auto Off] the spark will stop automatically after 7 seconds of ignition.
  • ⭐Wind & Splash Proof ▶ The lighter adopt plasma arc windproof flameless technology, compared with traditional matches lighters, instead of using butane, no flame, eco-friendly & reusable. The design makes this lighter ideal for candle, gas stove, BBQ, grills, outdoor camping and many other uses.
  • ⭐USB Rechargeable Lighter ▶Butane free,this arc lighter is charged by power bank,computer,car,socket and other chargers,about 2 hours full charged,convenient and eco-friendly.
  • ⭐After-sale Service ▶ 90 day guarantee,if you aren't love your lighter or any questions,please free to contact us,we are ready to help,we will provide a perfect solution.
Candle Lighter, 2 Pack Rechargeable Electric Lighter Long Plasma Arc Lighter with LED Battery Display Safety Switch, Flexible Neck USB Lighter for Candles Camping Grill Stoves Cooking (Black & Silver)
  • 【360°LONG FLEXIBLE NECK】- This rechargeable lighter has a long neck that can rotate 360 degrees, 360 degree rotating design makes it easy to get to the places that our hands can't reach. The long lighter can light deep candle, gas stoves, Firework.etc.
  • 【TREBLE SAFETY DESIGN 】- MKLOPE electric lighter with a safety lock, can prevent children from being burned. With 7 seconds automatic power-off function, the power will be disconnected if the temperature of usb lighter is too high or the use too long time.
  • 【WIND &SPLASH-PROOF DESIGN 】- The Arc lighter adopt flameless plasma technology to protect the electric pulse from being blown out by strong wind or wet weather, ensures easily use it under any weather conditions, Perfect for Grill and Outdoor Lighter, Camping Trip.The MKLOPE candle lighter will make less noise.
  • 【USB RECHARGEABLE AND CONVENIENT DESIGN】- USB charging, This long lighter can charge through the USB cable by connection to cell phone ,computer and any other chargeable devices, and one full charge can light hundreds of times. It is reusable.
  • 【WHAT YOU GET】- 2*MKLOPE candle lighters, 2*USB charging cables . Lifetime aftersale service aims to provide better products & better solutions for you.
TWODEER Candle Lighter, 2 Pack USB Rechargeable Electric Lighter with LED Battery Display & Safety Switch, Flameless Long Flexible Neck Arc Lighter for Candle Camping Grill Stoves (Black & Silver)
  • 【Hi-Tech & Safety Design】 -  Modern with a sleek design candle lighter has triple safety design, you must turn on the safety lock first and then press the ignition button to work, which can keep the kids away from the fire. In addition, this electric lighter will automatically shut down after 7-10 seconds to avoid high-temperature damage.
  • 【360° Rotating Long Neck Design】 - Long lighter with flexible neck that you can shape or bent any way and reach anywhere you want. Like it is long enough to help to reach the wick that has sunk to the bottom of a candle in a jar. Moreover it also keeps your hand away from the fire source, and would never burn your hand any more.
  • 【Rechargeable & Waste Less 】 - USB rechargeable lighter with LED battery display. When 5 LED lights on the barrel turn on, it is fully charged. It only takes 45 minutes to charge fully. Compared with traditional matches or the gas fueled lighters, this Arc lighter can be rechargeable, it would've meant less waste. No flame, no butane.
  • 【Wind & Splash Proof 】-  TWODEER USB lighter adopts plasma flameless technology that can withstand strong windy, wet conditions or other bad weather. Perfect for candles, BBQ , fireworks, grill stoves, camping and hiking. Note: The 'zee, zee' sound is caused by the high voltage power generation ignition, please be assured to use.
  • 【What You Get】: 2-pack lighters for candles (black & silver) , 1* USB charging cable, 1* clean brush, 1* gift box. If you have any questions about the candle lighters, feel free to tell us the first time, we will offer you professional services and satisfactory solutions.

Electric Lighter Review – How to Improve Your Lifestyle With an Electronic Lighter

The biggest advantage to an electric lighter over a butane lighter is the battery. Butane lighters require that you constantly re-charge the butane inside of them because they only burn for a short period of time. In contrast, an electric lighter will keep on burning until the battery is completely empty. This ensures that you always get your full battery charge if you need it. Most butane lighters will need to be completely drained before they will run out of power, while an electric lighter will run for years on a full charge.

Another advantage of an electric lighter is that they are much easier to store. They can be taken in any pocket, purse or handbag and held up to about two inches away from the base of the item. With a butane lighter, you either have to have a lighter fluid with you, or you have to find a place to store it. Even with the ease of storage, however, an electric lighter is much more convenient than a flameless lighter. Flameless lighters, as their name suggests, use pure butane to heat up the wick which causes the flame to sputter and lack the control that is present with a well made flameless lighter.

Candle lighters are another popular option. There are two basic types of candle lighters, the open flame type and the low flame type. Both are very safe, although the open flame lighters have a tendency to produce a lot of smoke. The open flame lighters also take a longer time to get hot enough to start the burn process compared to the low flame lighters which open at the same temperature. They also do not have the steady stream of smoke produced by the low flame type lighter. With the open flame lighters, there is also the risk of fire with the wax found within the candle.

With the threat of a worldwide fuel shortage, many people are looking for ways to reduce their need for conventional fuel sources and are turning to rechargeable lighters. These lighters feature rechargeable batteries which can be plugged into an electrical outlet and will then give off sufficient heat to lighten the user’s hands. One disadvantage of these lighters is that their use of rechargeable batteries can lead to the production of so much disposable plastic waste that some areas have banned their use. In some places, cigarette butts have been discovered in the trash of users who have charged their batteries to the max without realizing it. It has been reported that the batteries in these recharged plastic lighter products can in some cases give off harmful levels of toxins.

The latest innovation in the world of electric lighter technology is the long flexible electric lighter via usb. This long flexible electric lighter allows the user to use it on almost any surface such as their bedside table or even out in the garden. These long flexible cordless phones are a great way of using the electric lighter without having to make a mess of wrapping up the electric lighter and draping the cords around the power cord. With the long flexible cord, you can even use the same electric lighter over again on the same surface such as your bed or even in the garden.

With these long flexible electric lighter via USB ports, you can keep several different models in one box. The long flexible cord that comes with the electric lighter is also useful for connecting your portable laptop to the USB port to charge it or for connecting to a wall socket for plugging in your MP3 player. With all this functionality, what makes the long flexible electric lighter via usb port so unique and practical is that you can use your portable laptop to change the color of the lighter easily by placing the color code on the bottom of the lighter. So, as you can see, even though the electric lighter via usb port is a revolutionary invention, it still retains some of its old-fashioned features like the power cord.

But what makes the new long flexible electric lighter via usb port so unique is that they are very much affordable than the average electronic lighter or most traditional lighters. It’s also perfect for those of us who hate carrying heavy and bulky cases around. These lighters are compact and can be carried around just like a pocket gadget. The good thing about these lighters is that they can work on batteries especially rechargeable lighters which means you don’t have to buy a whole new lighter when the current one runs out. You also don’t have to worry about running out of lighters as you can just plug it in and be ready to go. The best feature of these lighters is that you don’t have to worry about them getting lost as they have built-in magnetic connectors that will ensure they always be safe and secure in its case.