20 Best electrician hammer

Electricians, like any other tradesmen, have to deal with a lot of hazards. The tools they use have to be efficient and effective. This is why professionals employ a certain method of protection for themselves – a set of tools called “Hammer Keys.” These hammers have three distinct styles: rough-tipped, polished finish, and premium grade. Each has a different style that provides appropriate protection for the electrician.

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Southwire Bmeh-18 Heavy Duty Romex Electrician's Hammer, Romex Staple Remover, Tether Hole For Safety, 18 oz Head with Smooth Face, Heavy Duty Drop Forged Steel -65116740
  • Heavy duty: 18 oz Head Constructed from drop forged steel for maximum power and durability
  • Extended neck: extra-long Neck is ideal for reaching into outlet boxes and other tight areas making it the perfect hammer for electricians
  • Romex Staple remover: convenient Romex Staple remover allows for easy removal of Nm wire staples without damaging the wire
  • Fiberglass handle: high strength, light weight fiberglass handle for vibration resistance and shock absorption
  • Comfort grip: Comfortable handle grip helps prevent slipping when in use
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IDEAL Electrical 35-210 Drop-Forged Hammer - Electrician's Hammer 18 oz. 12-1/2 in. Claw Hammer
  • Professional Hammer: With a durable design to perform across all professional electrical maintenance and repair jobs, this hammer includes IDEAL's lifetime guarantee
  • Durable Construction: The one-piece drop-forged, tempered steel polished head and handle holds up to the harshest environments with long lasting durability
  • Premium Grip: The drop-forged hammer includes a comfortable, perforated and anti-vibe grip providing excellent handling
  • Electrical Design: The hammer includes long, straight claws to simplify the removal of electrical fixtures
  • Product Specifications: The Drop-Forged Steel Hammer weighs 18 oz. and measures 12-1/2 in. in length
Electrician's Straight-Claw Hammer Klein Tools 807-18
  • Durable plastic-alloy jacketing helps to protect neck from fraying and splintering if incorrectly struck or overstruck
  • High-strength fiberglass shaft absorbs shock and keeps head tight
  • Comfortable, perforated neoprene grip bonded to handle
  • Extra-long neck, and narrow striking face are ideal for reaching into outlet boxes and other tight areas
  • Balanced and designed specifically for use in electrical work
Wiha SB846300E Electrician's, 300 g Hammer Head, Red, Set of 4 Pieces
  • Simplifies your work. Flat claws allow easy removal of nail clips and nails.
  • Increases your efficiency, perfect balance thanks to a perfect weight distribution for an effective use.
  • Improves the accessibility, perfectly suited for the use in confined work environments by combination of square and round head shape.
  • Increases your work quality, flat base of the hammer handle allows damage-free placement of cables and dowels.
  • Directions for use: Hammer claws for easy removal of nail clips and nails. Flat back side of the hammer for placing of cables and plugs, around sensitive surfaces to avoid damage. Ideal for the use in the confined working environments.
Greenlee 0156-11 Electrician's Hammer
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Lightweight, durable fiberglass handle for shock resistance
  • Cushioned grip and flared handle end for user comfort and to reduce slipping
  • Package Weight: 1.8 pounds
SEPTLS770E18F - Vaughan Electrician's Straight Claw Hammers - E18F
  • Material: metal
  • Slip - resistant grip
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Model Number: VAUE18F
Klein 807-18 High Strength Fiberglass Shaft Electrician's Straight-Claw Hammer
  • Correctly balanced and designed specifically for use in electrical work.
  • Extra-long neck, and narrow striking face are ideal for reaching into outlet boxes and other tight areas.
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Vaughan 138-20 E18F Electrician's Straight Claw Hammer, 18-Ounce, Fiberglass Handle
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Vaughan 138-20 E18F Electrician's Straight Claw Hammer, 18-Ounce, Fiberglass Handle
  • 18-ounce head weight
  • Fiberglass handle
  • Slip resistant grip
  • Made in the USA
  • Always wear eye protection
Heavy Duty Tool Pouch Multiple Pockets Tool Organizer Utility Hammer Pliers Holder for Electrician Woodworking Construction
  • Dimension: 8 X 4 X 12 inches.
  • Durable material - This tool bag is made of tear-resistant 1200D polyester material and reinforced with rivets for long-lasting durability.
  • Tool bag construction - Includes 4 storage pockets, 1 screwdriver slots, 1 hammer slots.
  • Easy Access - All pockets have enough width and depth for easy and convenient access.
  • Versatile - Great for electrician, construction, contractor, carpenter, framer, plumber, handyman.
USA Pro Tools Carpenters Leather Tool Pouch Bag | Ideal for Electricians, Framers and Handyman | 10 Pockets with 2 Hammers Holders
  • Professional heavy duty leather tool bag ideal for all kind of jobs; Perfectly designed for work like roofing, framing, carpeting, maintenance, construction and electrical
  • Made of 100% genuine quality leather; Big and spacious pockets; Includes 10 pockets with two stainless steel hammer holders, Rivets and D-ring for suspender; Reinforced seams
  • Excellent holster in which you can organize all of your big and small handy tools and accessories for every day use
  • Excellent holster in which you can organize all of your big and small handy tools and accessories for every day use
  • Heavy duty, Robust, Strong, Reinforced seams and corners, Handmade, Elegant, Convenient, Comfortable and sturdy

How to Choose an Electrician Hammer

A great many electrician’s work with either fine or heavy-duty hammers. These hammers are constructed from either metal or plastic. While plastic and metal hammers are both extremely durable, there are some benefits of each type. For instance, a plastic hammer will not hold as much weight, so an electrician working with a heavy-duty tool will be at a greater disadvantage when under a vibration or impact. On the flip side, a metal hammer will rust easily, but it’s more likely to remain pristine than a poor quality plastic tool would.

Both types of hammers have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the difference between them comes down to a simple matter of preference. The refined, top-rated brands like Panasonic, Craftsman, Kohler, and Bosch all manufacture high quality electrician hammers. They are durable and come with a solid, metal-stamped handle, a polished finish, rubberized grip, and rubber tipped pins. A key feature in these products is that they offer the electrician the best shock absorption ability available.

The next step up from the top brands are fiberglass claw hammers. The handles on these are made of fiberglass and they tend to be more lightweight and less durable than the top brands. However, these provide more comfort and ease of operation for the electrician. Some of these even come with leather grips.

Another option is a vibratory hammer. These vibrate at high speeds and offer the benefits of a professional grade vibrating tool without some of the cons associated with them. They have a nice, heavy-duty handle and are fairly easy to operate.

Framing hammers are another popular option. Like the vibratory variety, many are fiberglass or aluminum and they’re more durable and less apt to break than their vibratory cousins. However, there is one big drawback – cost. These tend to be much more expensive than other brands and while some of them have a decent warranty, most don’t. The one positive aspect of using a framing hammer is that it tends to split wood much easier and leave very little visible damage.

When choosing between a fiberglass or forged hammers, consider what the pros and cons of each are. In general, a good fiberglass-honed hammer will provide a better grip and greater durability. They tend to be more expensive, but you’ll probably find that the extra price is worth it.

A straight fiberglass-honed hammer may also offer higher shock absorption capabilities than the forged variety, so keep this in mind when purchasing. Keep in mind that you can purchase hammers made of a combination of aluminum and steel. If you plan on installing drywall on your own, fiberglass reinforced hammer will do just fine. But if you’re going to try your hand at installing drywall on your own, go with the forged hammer for better durability and less potential for breaking.

Another consideration is the quality of the grip itself. You may think that a wooden handle feels more secure, but there are some pros and cons to both types. A wooden handle is generally more durable, but you run the risk of it cracking over time if it is not treated properly. A polished finish provides a bit of extra grip but is usually not as highly recommended as a fiberglass or hammer with a higher quality grip.

Finally, consider whether the product has a vibration reduction grip. This feature reduces the noise level associated with hammering, but has the added benefit of reducing vibration as well. This is especially true of fiberglass-honed hammers because they tend to generate a lot of vibration when pulling nails. However, if you want a product with a more realistic feel, you’ll probably want to go with the polished finish. While it doesn’t reduce vibration as much as a fiberglass-honed hammer, it still has a very realistic vibration reduction grip.

Overall, you’ll have a variety of different options to choose from when choosing from a selection of high quality professional grade electricians hammers. You just need to make sure that you do your homework by checking price points, features, and grip options before making your final selection. This will help you find the perfect electrician hammer for your needs at a price point that is comfortable for you. Then, all you have to do it hit the internet and find an experienced local electrician in your area to complete the job for you!